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What is the process from buying to trading?

At IFXrobot we have spent many hours trying to simplify the process of using our algorithms. Below is a small list of what you need to have to start your algorithms trading for your.

-Purchase your IFXrobot algorithm.

-Set up your META Trader 5 platform.

-Set up your trading account.

This process is explained ‘HERE’, alternatively please get in contact with us to which our cheery staff will guide you each stage and make sure you are set up and ready to tackle the markets.

Where can I follow the real results of your EA?

You can click on the live results tab and view the performance via MY FX Book.

How can I get IFX Robot?

All you have to do is go to our website, and click on “Buy now”. Then you just have to follow the instructions.

Does the EA require a password?

We will licence the Robot to your account number at your broker, it will not require a password.

How can I get IFX Robot?

All you have to do is go to our website, and click on “Buy now”. Then you just have to follow the instructions.

How to install your algorithm

Installing your algorithm is a quick and simple process. Please ‘Click’ to follow a step by step guide on how to install your algorithm.

I get different results with demo and real accounts. Why is that?

There are never two accounts exactly the same in the forex market, even though the settings can be the same. There will be always differences. If often depends on your broker’s execution time and pricing, so it’s critical to have a good and reliable broker.

What is the minimum balance/deposit required on my account?

The account size should be a minimum of £10,000 per account. IFX Robot works on any account balance above £10,000.

On which currency pairs does your EA work?

The EA can trade on all major currency pairs. This algorithm is not suitable for trading commodities of Precious metals.

What kind of internet connection and computer hardware do I need?

We recommend to have a stable internet connection and computer hardware, working without interruptions 24 hours a day from the market opening on Monday to the market closing on Friday. If you need any advice on this matter, give us a call, or request a call back from us, we’ll be happy to advise you on the technology set-up that you’ll need.

You need not worry about your computer losing power of re-booting either; the trades that are currently ‘open’ will stay open until the computers power is restored, no new trades will open until the system will resumes normal trading, as the power is restored. Just start your computer, run Metatrader again, and, ensure that your application is turned on. It will continue trading.

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